Where Collaboration Sparks Innovation.

Integrated Design Group is a full-service, architecture and engineering firm that focuses on the design of data centers. We were founded based on the value proposition that design services (architecture and engineering), delivered on an integrated basis from project inception to completion, results in a superior data center project for our clients. Experienced design professionals who work side-by-side, day-in and day-out are able to develop innovative solutions to complex problems that produce both cost and schedule savings for our clients. This is particularly true when designing critical data centers, which has been our dedicated focus over the last fifteen years. Our organizational strength allows us to be creative problem solvers; a team of like-minded professionals focused on data center design, working together to achieve the optimum design for our clients.

All of the members of the technical staff (architects, engineers, project managers and designers) work on data center projects every day, and are encouraged to further their expertise in their specific disciplines.

We do not force a standard philosophy into effect on a project; we leverage our experience by involving our clients in major decisions to ensure the best overall design, meeting the goals set at the beginning of the process.  Our approach is to deliver a creative design that is efficient, flexible, cost conscious, practical, sustainable and that meets the needs of the client.

Our architects and engineers have a lengthy track record of space programming, site selection, conceptual development and interactive involvement with our clients, and a commitment to see that the design intent is maintained from inception through final system testing. This organization enables Integrated Design Group to deliver coordinated projects on the fast-track schedules that our clients require.

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