Alcon Novartis Data Center Opens in Fort Worth / by Integrated Design Group

Alcon and Integrated Design Group celebrate the grand opening of Novartis Data Center in Fort Worth!


ID staff recently attended the Grand Opening for the Alcon Novartis data center in Fort Worth. The event was well attended and included some brief words from the Novartis' CIO Rob James and the Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price. Today, Alcon employs over 4,000 people in Fort Worth, Texas. The new data center will employ over 40 new and current employees from Alcon. Alcon produces surgical equipment, pharmaceuticals and contact lenses. 

As part of a company-wide strategy to consolidate space while improving efficiencies, Novartis decided to construct a new data center at the existing Alcon Laboratories campus in Texas. The data center opened with 10,000 square feet of IT space, completed with the capability to expand to 35,000 square feet. The ID design team worked closely with the client over the last 2 years. 

Novartis challenged the design team to work within their Energy Challenge mantra by incorporating sustainable designs while providing a low total cost of ownership savings over the life of the building. Studies were done to evaluate a wide array of sustainable and carbon-reducing strategies to enable this building to fit into Novartis' company ethos of environmentally-responsible design. Through these studies, the ID design team incorporated a DSE system that rejects heat so efficiently that the building is designed to provide a PUE of less than 1.4, even at only 75% of the maximum IT load of 1200kW. A car-charging station was also installed for two cars and the xeriscaping uses only perennial plants and grasses that are indigenous to north Texas and naturally drought resistant. 

On-site power generation through photovoltaic cell arrays provide renewable power for the building that double as shading for parking and seating areas. Rainwater harvesting reduced potable water consumption to irrigate indigenous drought-resistant landscaping and serve the building’s restrooms. Low voltage interior LED lighting with advanced controls reduce operating costs and increase adjustability for users.

The data center was built within budget and on schedule with 150,000 manhours on site with only 3 band aids rendered and 0 reportable incidents on site. The new facility is open and already communicating with other Novartis global data centers. Its first work order was hosted on the first day of October.