vXchnge and Integrated Design Group celebrate launch of Philadelphia Data Center / by Integrated Design Group

This week, Integrated Design Group and vXchnge, a data center provider, celebrated the completion of their Philadelphia data center—the 15th data center after the company's acquisition of eight data centers earlier this year. The US-based colocation provider opened its new flagship data center at 1500 Spring Garden Street, which offers 70,000 sq ft of infrastructure. 

Integrated Design Group partnered with the young data center colocation company to expand their portfolio into city centers within existing buildings. As a new company, vXchnge wished to establish brand identity, provide an optimal operation performance and a positive customer experience consistently throughout their expanding data center portfolio.

vXchnge's data centers markets themselves as being in densely populated metro areas where the demand for data and internet services is growing at rapid paces. These facilities aim to provide a space for cloud services to exchange traffic rather than deliver them over long distances, which can drive up costs. vXchnge's strategic location for this data center can be attributed to Philadelphia's population density (as the 5th largest city in the United States) and its interconnection between major hubs like Washington D.C. and New York City. 

Keith Olsen, the Chief Executive Officer at vXchnge, announces, "Our 150 plus years of leadership experience in designing, constructing and operating mission critical datacentres as a service, has afforded us the insights and experiences to build and operate a next-generation datacentre service. The infrastructure design sets a standard for the Philadelphia marketplace." [Source]

This project is executed through a partnership with Burr Computer Environments Incorporated who provides MEP engineering and construction management services applies the Global Branding Guidelines previously developed by Integrated Design Group. Set primarily on the fifth floor of a multi-story building with low floor to floor height, this data center is adjacent to a television broadcast studio and has long distances between infrastructure spaces on the roof and basement. The design team collaborated with the engineers and client to overcome these challenges to achieve an efficient layout that maximizes IT cabinets, is easy to operate and provides the customer experience standards set by the Global Branding Guidelines.

The Guidelines encompasses all aspects of the interior environment including program, spatial relationships, materials, furniture, security and audio/visual systems. The bold use of color, customer amenities and branded elements all contribute in reflecting the core values of the company. To that end, Integrated Design Group developed the corporate brand mission with the executive team that focused on the customer’s experience and translated it into a design standard to define minimum levels of design and functional performance for all rooms and systems in support of this mission.

We at Integrated Design Group are excited to celebrate with vXchnge on their newest facility!