ID Dallas is Gettin' Greener / by Integrated Design Group

The Dallas office is a shade Greener this week, having signed up for paper recycling services with Recycle Revolution. 

Dallas visited their modest facilities for an educational tour then headed to the Trinity Groves neighborhood for lunch at a place called Chicken Scratch.  

Much of the restaurant decor fell in line with the day's recycling theme:  milk-crate chandeliers, open shipping containers for shade, a stage made of wood pallets, even rain-water collection tanks for misting the patio! We highly recommend it.

Recycle Revolution is a recycling program in North Texas that emphasizes the ecological and economic benefits of recycling and waste diversion and how good recycling practices can benefit our local community. Starting a recycling program can help create jobs in our local communities—specifically in North Texas.

Learn more about Recycle Revolution.

 Outdoor stage at Chicken Scratch in Dallas, TX.

Outdoor stage at Chicken Scratch in Dallas, TX.