Integrated Design Group Discusses Sustainable Design in High Profile / by Integrated Design Group

Ryan Collier, an Architect at Integrated Design Group in Dallas, writes about sustainable design for High Profile's Annual Green Supplement.

Filled with stories and trend articles, High Profile will be distributed at ABX (BSA's Annual Conference at Boston Convention Center from November 17-9), BE16, and GLOBALCON! High Profile features "news for facility owners, developers, and managers about planning, design and construction and the architects, engineers and contractors that build them."

Ryan Collier's article, "Integrated Solutions Net Greater Sustainable Benefits" addresses how sustainable design has evolved "from a simple notion of doing better for the environment to a movement towards a more ecologically-minded future."

Will you be at ABX? Don't forget to grab a a copy! Also keep a look out for an accompanying ad featuring one of most recently completed projects with Novartis.

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