BD+C Magazine showcases Photo of Global Novartis Data Center in its "Top 10 markets for data center construction" / by Integrated Design Group

BD+C Magazine features a photo of our very own Novartis Data Center for Alcon Laboratories in Dallas on its article, "Top 10 markets for data center construction."

The Fort Worth campus includes a 37,000-sf data center with 100kW PV array to generate on-site power. The article cites that "more third-party data centers are turning to alternative energy sources for their long-term power needs." Good to hear we're helping Novartis steer clean energy in the right direction!

BD+C report that state and local laws are being altered to provide more favorable climates for building data centers in their markets. Missouri's tax breaks are a welcoming sign that promises at least a $25 million investment and over 10 jobs. The top 1- markets for data center construction are as follows:

  1. Seattle & Portland
  2. Chicago
  3. Silicon Valley
  4. Northern Virginia
  5. Houston
  6. Phoenix
  7. Dallas
  8. Las Vegas & reno
  9. Austin & San Antonio
  10. Atlanta

These top 10 markets each house over 20 third-party providers, indicating a mature market. Though pricing has largely stabilized in these markets so far, changing tax rates and municipal incentives can drive further data center demand across all markets. 

With an office in Dallas, we're proud to be a partner with construction firms in Texas, where data center construction continues to see rapid growth.


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