Project Highlights

  • New 415,000 2-Story Building
  •  A/M/E/P/FP Services
  • Study, Programming, Master Planning,
  • Design, Construction Documents through
  • Construction Administration
  • Multi-phase construction
  • Construction Shell and Fit-out of Three Data Centers Completed in 10 months
  • 22 Flex PODs™
  • 220,000 sf raised floor
  • LEED Silver Certified


A Repeatable Design Proves Quick to Build from Integrated Design Solutions

Digital Realty | 44060 Digital Loudoun Plaza (Building G) | Ashburn, VA


Since 2007, Integrated Design Group has partnered with Digital Realty to design reliable, efficient, and cost valued data centers to its customers in less 20 weeks. Using the Digital Realty POD Architecture™ developed by Integrated Design Group, a repeatable kit-of-parts comprised of a pre-determined amount of space, power and cooling, ID first designed the idealized building block that would repeat throughout the site. This 60-foot wide by 250-foot long two-story module boasts two PODs each providing 1.4 MW IT load, 10,000 sf of raised floor, a 2N electrical UPS system and associated 2 MW generators and roof-mounted mechanical cooling systems. Skid-mounted mechanical and electrical systems were shipped to the site speed construction and improve overall quality. The building is organized with optimal flexibility to combine adjacent data centers as needed by locating all ancillary functions including break areas, offices and storage rooms around the perimeter.