Project Highlights

  •  Project Type: Fit-out in existing building
  • A/M/E/P/FP
  • 32,000 sf of raised floor space
  • 3.275 MW IT Capacity
  • Average PUE: 1.40
  • Skid-mounted electrical gear
  • Partner Firm: Structural, L.A. Fuess Partners, Inc.
  • LEED: Silver on select project





Adapting a Flexible Design Meets Needs of Data Center Tenants

Digital Realty | Houston Master Plan Phase 1 | Houston, TX


Digital Realty develops reliable, efficient, and cost valued data centers to its customers in less than 20 weeks through their Turn-Key Flex®, Turn-Key Datacenters® and Pod Architecture® products. In 2010, Digital Realty acquired a large site north of Dallas along the Hwy 75 technology corridor to develop their next leading technology center. Since this acquisition, [ID] has partnered with DLR to provide as the campus evolves. Following the directions of the master plan, the [ID] team has used a repeatable kit-of parts comprised of 1.3 MW IT load, 10,000 sf of raised fl oor, a 2N electrical UPS system and associated 2 MW generators and roofmounted mechanical cooling systems. [ID] has architectural and engineering service for fi ve building for the fit-out of the data centers and support functions within each. Early TKDs employed air cooled chillers while current data centers implement a pumped refrigerant cooling system based on the Leiberts DSE with an annual PUE of 1.25. To speed construction and improve overall quality, condensers and pumps for three CRAC units and 2N electrical systems were prefabricated and skid-mounted shipped to site and slid into place.