Project Highlights

  • 157 acre agricultural site
  • A/M/E/P/FP Services
  • Conventional and Prefabrication
  • Construction Techniques
  • Planned 58,00 sf raised floor area
  • Planned 8.0 MW UPS
  • Tier IV, fault tolerant and concurrently
  • 22,000 sf Vegetated Roof
  • LEED: Gold Certified


Merits of a Holistic Approach Yields Innovation at a New Technology Center

Fidelity Investments | West Data Center | Western USA

Fidelity Investments engaged Integrated Design Group to envision a discrete new corporate campus and design of the fi rst building located into newly acquired hilly site. After a study determined the scale, location and concept for the campus, the design team took a holistic approach for the fi rst building that employed several innovative construction methods and sustainable design features to provide a fl exible, energy effi cient facility. Data center functions comprise 46,800 sf delivered in six, 1 MW units using Centercore™, an off-site fabricated data center developed under a partnership between Fidelity and Integrated Design Group. Water-cooled mainframe IT equipment and cooling to support spaces utilizes aquifer water reducing mechanical cooling in warm months. Gray water is stored in an underground tank and later used for toilets and irrigation the vegetated roof during dry months thus reducing the dependency on city water by over 95%. The entire two-story
building has been built to withstand 165 mph wind speeds.