Project Highlights

  • 130,000 sf Building on Greenfield Site
  • A/M/E/P/FP & Interiors
  • Programming, Master Planning, Design through Construction Administration
  • Raised Floor Area: 50,000 sf
  • 5.60 MW UPS Capacity
  •  Average PUE: 1.29
  • LEED Gold Certified
  • Outside air economization

Good Planning Yields More on a Challenging Site

Digital Realty | 105 Cabot Street Data Center | Needham, MA


For a developer with a constrained site, we achieved 20% more lease space by integrating energy efficient air distribution for both mechanical systems into the architecture. Digital Realty is the largest developer of data centers worldwide. For a small site outside of Boston they wished to develop, early plans proved that only four of their 1.2MW data centers would fit into the site.

Through careful planning of the site and organization of the building program and its mechanical and electrical systems, we devised a master plan that enabled five data centers—a whole additional data center.

To do so requires careful consideration of how the five data centers perform. We found that the building function on each floor generates a tremendous amount of heat to perform their daily operations.

In order to reduce the loads on the mechanical cooling system by rejecting this heat, Integrated Design Group planned the building with air economization that would correspond and work with the outdoor conditions when allowed. The system would introduce outside air through the side and roof intakes at the building perimeter and eject the warm exhaust air from each floor through the central shaft like a chimney.