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Integrated Design Group has designed multiple data centers for a variety of client types that have achieved Energy Star Certification

Green Design

For clients seeking to achieve green building certifications, our LEED accredited staff members provide important expertise regarding the unique requirements specific to achieving USGBC and Energy Star certifications for mission critical facilities. Whether you’re looking to eliminate process water usage, minimize mechanical cooling energy usage, or set yourself apart from your competitors, our integrated team of architects and engineers can help evaluate the best approach for you to not only complete your project successfully, but execute it in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.

At Integrated Design Group, our collaborative design approach is core to everything we do and sustainability is no exception. Our commitment to excellence does not stop at simply meeting our clients’ needs on day one but extends to offering our expertise on the entire lifecycle of their mission critical facilities. The full service design we provide allows for detailed, cross-discipline analysis to help our clients make informed decisions regarding environmental and economic implications in line with the latest green building practices.

Through our years as an industry leader in mission critical facilities, we have built relationships with a broad array of specialty equipment manufacturers and contractors our engineers collaborate with to ensure we are using the latest energy efficient technologies, streamlining the construction process to minimize waste, and incorporating innovative design into each of our projects.  Furthermore, we understand that each project, location, and client has distinct challenges and as such requires customized solutions.