Project Highlights

  • Renovation and system replacements
    within an existing building
  • A/M/E/P/FP Services
  • Study, Programming, Master Planning,
  • 33,000 sf Project Area

Building a Community for Physicists in an Idiosyncratic Building

Harvard University | Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology | Cambridge, MA


A decommissioned 39,000 electron accelerator facility with thick concrete walls, a huge high-bay having a strange shape that was to be re-purposed for multiple users including the Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology (LPPC), a high performance computer facility, and storage for the Peabody Museum. For the physicists, the layouts of the labs, the high bay work space, the offi ce areas and the inter-relationship of all of those were central to their concerns. By adding a mezzanine, the heart of the project is a two-story reconfigured high bay space around which all of the related functions face. To utilize the space as efficiently as possible, new labs were ganged along one edge and garage doors
enable equipment to be freely moved between the large open space and the individual labs. The idiosyncratic existing conditions made the transformation and ability to upgrade modern mechanical and electrical systems a challenge.