Project Highlights

  • New Building on a Greenfi eld Site
  • A/M/E/P/FP Services
  • Study, Programming, Master Planning,
  • Design, Construction Documents
  • 5,000 sf data hall and two, 8,000 sf data
  • preservation halls
  • On-site power generation from PV cells


A New Facility Preserving Digital Records for Perpetuity

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | Active Preservation Site | Missouri, USA

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints keeps the largest archive of genealogical data in the world. The Salt Lake City based organization chose Integrated Design Group to design its two-story 65,000 SF data preservation facility. Integrated Design Group has completed design for the highly secure preservation site, which will store images and genealogical histories for The Church and its archives. 

Based on The Church’s requirements, Integrated Design Group determined the power and cooling sizes and designed the workflow to meet the unique needs of this use. Due to the extreme value of the digital collection, several strategies were implemented to maintain proscribed environmental conditions so as to prevent degradation of the media should grid and generator power be unavailable for a protracted period of time. Several innovative passive and active methods are implemented to meet these criteria, including placement of the digital archive in an underground enclosure to take advantage of the earth’s moderating temperatures.