Our Process


Collaboration is our culture.
Integrated is our name.

At the core of our practice is what we call The Integrated Design Approach.” This approach informs and influences our actions throughout the design process, from site planning to building design to observations.

The Integrated Design Approach emphasizes design from a holistic point of view with careful attention to every detail and team collaboration to ensure smooth coordination. We believe there is a moment of discovery in the design process when our unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience enables a project to surpass the typical parameters of design into new, under-explored realms.

Our project teams possess passion, collective knowledge and open minds that lead every project to success. With our unique perspectives and integrated process, we not only construct design solutions appropriate to the project but also surpass our clients’ expectations. We understand that each project unique and every client is different. Our architects, along with our mechanical and electrical engineers, work side-by-side to formulate designs that respond to project goals,  constraints, aggressive schedules, and budgets.