Project Highlights

  • Master Plan Study, Expansion
  • A/M/E/P/FP Services
  • Programming, Master Planning, Design, Construction Documents through
    Construction Administration
  • 16.65 kW IT Power
  • 84,000 sf Project Area
  • PUE: 1.38

Redesign allows Flexibility at Mexico City Facility 

Metro Net redIT | Macrocentro Tultitlan Data Center | Tultitlan, Mexico


MetroNet redIT (redIT) requested a master plan study for an expansion to a data hall facility within a warehouse campus just north of Mexico City, Mexico. redIT
is leasing the space from the developer, so the building had to be designed as a data hall facility for the immediate use, but in a structure that could be re-adapted for warehouse use should redIT relocate at the end of their lease. They desired an extensive amount of office space as an additional revenue stream from future tenants and security had to meet both campus and redIT’s standards. redIT also desired to meet ICREA (International Computer Room Experts Association) Level IV requirements, Uptime Institute Tier III requirements, and to achieve LEED Silver certification.

The building addition maximizes the number of data halls within the confines of an existing shell footprint while avoiding disruption to adjacent existing data halls. Phase II provides an additional 14.4 MW of 2N IT capacity within six independent data halls, for a total of 16.65 MW IT capacity in the entire building. All data
halls have independent infrastructure support spaces and cooling systems. The generation is provided using an N+1 configuration in an exterior equipment yard with on-site fuel storage for 48 hours of run time. A series of rooftop cooling units in N+1 swing configuration supply air to the raised floor plenum and allow for 100% compressor-less cooling.