Capacity Planning

If difficulty can be correlated to success, then capacity planning must be the most difficult task for the CIO today. Nobody appears to be capable of accurately predicting future data center capacity requirements. That is because it is an impossible problem to solve. 

Integrated Design Group is the industry leader in this type of strategic capacity planning. Good capacity planning is not about guessing how much data center space or MEP capacity you might need three, five or ten years into the future. It is about developing a strategy and an implementation plan that can accommodate your needs seamlessly regardless of what the future holds. The design of your data center needs to accommodate your needs for the short, medium and long term and include project implementation strategies that will allow you to add capacity in a “Load on Demand” fashion as your needs evolve and technology changes. Change is inevitable and nobody can accurately predict change. The best plan is to focus on understanding potential rates of change that can be used to establish appropriate capacity building blocks of space, power and cooling. Then use these building blocks as the basis of design to develop a modular, scaleable and rapidly deployable data center strategy that will eliminate the risk created by the impossible task of anticipating future capacity needs.

We have implemented modular scaleable designs for many clients and can work with you to establish the appropriate custom plan for your specific needs.

Please also refer to the tab related with “Load on Demand” to better understand the various methodologies that can be deployed to achieve your goals.