Data Center Design

Integrated Design Group focuses exclusively on the design of data centers. Over the past fifteen years, our firm has completed data center projects, new facilities, expansions and retrofits, for over seventy clients in thirty states and six countries. We are the leading experts in the data center design field. We understand the latest trends in the industry. We know which new technologies work and which are just fads that represent undue risk. Our unparalleled expertise will deliver value in lower costs, higher reliability, ease of operation and greater efficiency.  

When a new data center project fails to live up to expectations, typically the cause can be traced to the selection of the wrong design team partner. In most organizations, the data center project starts within the IT organization and quickly moves to the facilities or real estate group once funded. The real estate team selects the architect and engineer because they are the design and construction build experts and they have relationships with trusted vendors. Typically, one of these trusted design firms is then hired to design the corporate data center.

The problem with this is that corporations do not build data centers every day. The trusted design partners are typically expert in the type of facility the company typically builds – office space, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, etc. The design partners may have designed a few data centers over the years but they are not experts in the design of data centers. Data center design is a specialty niche field that is highly technical and changing rapidly. It is not a building type that can be designed successfully by a firm that does not focus specifically in this market.